The buildings are quiet and nice. The surrounding grounds are beautiful. The access to a walking/biking trail is awesome. The people who live here are extremely nice and respectful of the other tenants around them.


Moving to St. Andrews has been a great decision! I moved here in May 2021. My apartment is so nice and roomy. The walking/ biking trail is in my backyard. The wildlife, birds, and deer are incredible. I love to garden. With my ground floor patio walkout, I have an area that is mine to plant flowers and tomatoes which is so relaxing. Management here is so prompt. I would recommend St. Andrews to my family and friends for sure. I’m so happy I made the decision to move here!


I recommend everyone to live here! My family has lived at St. Andrews since August 2014. We have a beautiful spacious apartment with all the upgrades. It is such a peaceful and clean place to live. I am so Happy to call this place Home.


St. Andrews has such good people living here and running it! I moved here March 2010. With its park-like setting my patio walk-out has deer walking by every day. So relaxing. A safe place to live, well maintained with great neighbors, such a family atmosphere. Such a pleasant place to live!


I don’t look out at a parking lot “I LOOK OUT AT A PARK!” Moving here in June 2019 has been such a great decision for me. As a retired veteran it was important to find a place the was quiet and calming. From my third-floor balcony I sit out among the trees with a great view of the birds, squirrels, and deer. All the wildlife and trees are so relaxing. The parking is plentiful, and I have a lot of garage space. Everything I need is here. I plan to live here forever. This place is so unique and when I turn in from 86th street I instantly feel at home.


It’s a wonderful place to call HOME! I moved to St. Andrews October 1997. I’ve really love making my home at here. Vicky is a great manager and truly cares about her tenants. The maintenance here is top notch! The grounds are amazing. I have the best view with the deer walking below my balcony daily, it’s quite the sight in the middle of the city. It is so relaxing here. I must mention that I have great neighbors who I can count on for anything, very comforting.


Mom is happy and her daughter are too! My mother has lived at St. Andrews since 2001. My three sisters and I are thrilled with the caring, friendly, reliable staff, the convenience of the apartment location and the pride everyone in the complex has in their home.


Everything good has happened since I moved to St. Andrews. In May 2017 I moved to St. Andrews. I moved to Des Moines for a new job. Since living here I got married and we added to our family a year ago with the birth of our son. My Mom likes to tell me “You can never move from St. Andrews because everything good has happened to you since you lived there.” She is right my life is great here!


We appreciate the short-term lease available at St. Andrews. We travel all over the U.S. building Microsoft plants. We usually stay in hotels but, we found the short-term lease offered at St. Andrews. We stayed about three months at St. Andrews back in 2019. When they said we would be going back to Des Moines for a new project we called Vicky and planned to stay there again. This is by far our favorite place to stay when traveling. It is so relaxing and quiet here. Really makes traveling for work a lot less stressful. We will be glad when we are assigned to this area again.


St. Andrews provides a unique park like setting! I have lived a St. Andrews since August 2003. This natural beauty is home to deer, ducks, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. I love the trail that wraps around St. Andrews. The location is a huge draw for me. Right out our drive is McDonalds, the Urbandale Library, Urban Grill, Palmers Deli and Hy-Vee. St. Andrews is a great combination of nature and serenity with the benefits of the big city at your fingertips. I love it here and I think you would also.


I love my flowers and our ground floor patio walkout provides a large area for me to have my flower beds plus, pots of flowers on our patio. I feel our apartment has the most perfect location in the complex. We are near the woods, and we can see lots of wildlife there. Our yard is full of birds of every description. We love feeding them and watching their habits. In the warm weather our birdbath is filled with water, and it is fun to watch the birds play in it. Our patio is a great place to visit with our neighbors and friends. We enjoy the community feel of St. Andrews, we have made so many close friends since moving here in March 2016.


This is Home! When I first moved to Des Moines years ago, I moved to a different apartment complex. Well, that only lasted a year. Then I moved to St. Andrews, and I have no intentions of ever moving. I have made this my home since August 2001. I was impressed with the apartment itself and love how roomy it is. The management and staff take a lot of pride in keeping the place clean and well maintained. Every day I look out to see wildlife and beautiful landscaping. My girls live nearby and visit often. The location makes it easy for me to go get groceries, banking or out to eat with less than a mile drive. I made a great choice when I made St. Andrews my home!


A great place to live! When I moved to St. Andrews in June 2017, I took two apartments. One 2 bedroom for me and a second 2 bedroom for my mom. I had lived at another apartment in town but, when my mom moved to town, we wanted to live in the same complex so I could assist her as she was starting to need some extra help. We were looking for a first floor with a great view. We found both of those things at St. Andrews. From the large picture window, we could see deer, squirrels, hummingbirds, and the occasional hawk. My mom has now moved to assisted living, but I still make St. Andrews my home. I love how big the apartment is and the beautiful grounds. Vicky, the manager is so helpful and friendly, and the maintenance crew is great. Everything is kept so nice here.


St. Andrews is Family! I moved to St. Andrews May 2009. This has been home to me and my two sons for over 12 years. The manager and staff are more like family to me. My boys and I are so comfortable here. It is a nice area with nice people. I would highly recommend St. Andrews.


God led me here! A lot of things had happened in my life in the last few years, and I was confused, exhausted, and frustrated about finding the right direction for this new phase of my life. I had traveled a few hours from my home in western Iowa to Des Moines for a doctor appointment and had been praying on the way for some guidance. A freak October snowstorm had set in that Tuesday and there was a traffic hold up on 86th St. in Urbandale. As I was sitting in traffic I looked over and saw the Apartment sign, something made me turn in. As I pulled into St. Andrews the snow was coming down in buckets but, I went to the office anyway and Vicky, the manager, was surprised to see someone, especially someone looking to view an apartment. As we walked in a full fledge snowstorm I was overcome with the beauty and serenity of this place. I was sold! I wanted to make St. Andrews my new home! I went home put my house up for sale and moved in a month later, November 2020. That was a year ago and that decision has truly been life changing. I thank God every day for leading me to this place. I adore my neighbors and have made so many new friends. My apartment is so beautiful, and my family and friends are very happy for me. It may seem strange to say but, I feel healing powers at St. Andrews. I love my new Home!


Thank- you St. Andrews for all you do. My family moved here in August 2014. It has been a Great place to call Home! The surroundings and people are great. We are thankful for St. Andrews.


We so enjoy the setting at St. Andrews. February 2016 my husband and I moved here. We had lived for 50 years in a house not far from St. Andrews. We wanted to stay in the area after selling our home because we have so many friends in the area. We have a beautiful spot toward the back of the property among all the trees. We absolutely love sitting out in the evenings on our balcony. It is so peaceful here. The management and staff are so friendly and helpful they make you feel very much at home. It’s also a great location. Close to Hy-Vee, Aldi’s, The Library, and many places to wine and dine. Our children are very happy that we are here.


People here are friendly and most helpful. My wife and I moved here March 2016. When we first visited, I thought St. Andrews was church affiliated. I learned that the original owner loved golf and he thought, the grounds were so beautiful he named it after a golf course. I feel we got the best apartment at St. Andrews. Our place has a wonderful view of trees and a flat open space where the deer like to graze is right out our patio, so we get quite the show of wildlife daily. We have trees for shade and hanging bird feeders. Many songbirds, owls, hawks, and hummingbirds are regular visitors. We have made some great friends here. You should consider St. Andrews for your next home; it has made a great home for us!


I was immediately taken with the beautiful grounds! I moved to St. Andrews in July 2021. I had been looking at several apartments as I had divorced and was used to living in my own home. When I came across St. Andrews I fell in love with the place. My apartment overlooks the pond and I just love seeing the ducks and other wildlife right out my living room. My brother and his wife came from Kansas City to visit in October they were in awe of how big my apartment is. They especially loved that the entrance to the biking trail was a skip and a jump from my patio, as they love to bike. Receiving packages was a concern I had moving to an apartment but, UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon, and USPS deliver right to my door. Any concerns I have are immediately taken care of by Vicky, Wyatt, or the others on the crew. I’m glad I took the time to find the perfect place to make my new home!


At St. Andrews you can see the pride they take in keeping the apartments and grounds so well maintained. I moved to St. Andrews in August 2018. In previous apartment complexes where I lived this was not the case. At St. Andrews the people who work here also live here and as a result they seem to really take pride in keeping the complex clean and well maintained. The hallways and laundry rooms always look so sharp! Snow removal is prompt. Maintenance is fast to respond. I really have made a lot of close friends here and would highly recommend St. Andrews.


I truly enjoy living at St. Andrews! I so enjoy the natural beauty right out my sliding balcony door. Sitting out on my balcony is so relaxing with the daily mix of deer, ducks, hummingbirds, hawks, and red fox! As a single woman living on my own for the first time, I feel safe here and appreciate how quiet it is. My landlord Vicky is always helpful with any questions or issues that I need remedied. I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone!


Love my apartment, spacious with plenty of closet and cabinet space. I have lived at St. Andrews since May 2002. I love my apartment. Great place to live. Beautiful and well maintained. I feel like I live in the country with all the trees and wildlife strolling by. It is very calming. Super management and staff. Very attentive, respectful, and polite. Love the location. Close to businesses, parks and walking trails. So convenient. I have to say I have No complaints!


St. Andrews is everything we were looking for in apartment living! We moved to Des Moines is June 2021. In our search for an apartment, we were looking for a great location right on the walking trail with restaurants, stores, and the library close by. St. Andrews checked all these boxes. A bonus, it is nestled on a serene, wooded landscape, complete with a creek and abundant wildlife. All the advantages of city living in a countryside setting. Because the property is family owned and operated, we feel like we are residing in a community not an anonymous apartment complex.


The View out my living room window is fantastic! I moved to St. Andrews in February 2020. From a different apartment complex in Urbandale. The management at St. Andrews is night and day difference. They take such care in keeping up the property and helping the tenants. It is nice to live at a family run community compared to the corporate operation. I have a one bedroom, apartment that I just love. I see deer, squirrels, rabbits, and ground hogs every day. The bike path is right out my door, and the library is just across the street. It’s a wonderful location here! I highly recommend St. Andrews.


Looking out at the wildlife, woods, and lovely grounds is calming to my Soul. I first saw St. Andrews Apartments online and knew right away this was probably the place for me. When I went to see it in person, I was not disappointed!  Selling my home in Waterloo and moving to Des Moines was a life changing decision that I made in May 2021. Looking out at my beautiful surrounding here I know I made the right decision. I just love the grounds, my apartment, and the people here. The management and crew have been nice and responsive. Urbandale and nearby suburbs have everything anyone needs close by! This is Home for Me!


St. Andrews is beautiful place to live! I want to start by saying Vicky is a wonderful landlord. She has a kind heart and very friendly. We have lived here with our kids since January 2020. The maintenance crew are also very friendly and are quick to fix a problem. St. Andrews is walking distance to many places that we enjoy. We absolutely love walking the adjoining trail especially in the fall with all the changing leaves. We also really enjoy watching the deer and geese that come around.


I’m very grateful! My mom lives at St. Andrews and of all the apartments she has lived in over the years I am most impressed with St. Andrews. I live a distance from Des Moines, and it is a relief to me that when I cannot make it in to see mom, she has a village of people there to check on and help her when needed. The manager and staff have been so nice to work with our situation.


I couldn’t believe how roomy the apartments were. I moved here in December 2019. I came to look at the apartments with a friend and just fell in love with the layout. The rooms are so spacious, and the picture window provides a great view of all the beautiful scenery and wildlife. I have amazing neighbors and the best part is they like to share their baked goods with me. I love it here!


The best kept secret in Iowa! I moved to St. Andrews January 2019. It provides the best of all worlds. The apartments are beautifully laid out with spacious rooms, updated appliances, sliding glass door that leads to a generous size patio and beautiful lawn. Our grounds are meticulously kept with landscaping only found in magazines. The deer are often seen strolling by my patio and the walking path is right out my door with a rippling stream running next to that. The management and staff are friendly, helpful and like family. Location wise it is the best! Located near terrific schools, numerous churches, wonderful dining, great shopping, and entertainment. If one is retired, single, married or has a young family St. Andrews fills every need!


The trail at St. Andrews connects the Clive Greenbelt and Walnut Creek Trails. My wife and I have made our home here since June 2019. St. Andrews is in such a great location. Just off 86th St. in Urbandale sitting between Douglas & Hickman. Only 5 minutes away from both I-80/35 and I-235. The apartments are very nice with a large range of different upgrades to choose from. Maintenance is responsive and they keep the apartments, buildings, and grounds in top shape. This was a high priority for me when choosing an apartment. I’d highly recommend this place!


Working as a traveling nurse lead me here. I am in Urbandale on a work assignment. Needing a place to live for the next 3 months I checked with my aunt who lives at St. Andrews. She informed me that St. Andrews offered short term furnished apartments. I made an appointment with Vicky to see the two- bedroom apartment. Upon seeing the place, I knew immediately this would be my home for the next 13 weeks. The apartment is fully furnished with dishes to linens. A deck to sit outside on a beautiful day. There are garages for rent also. The complex is so conveniently located, and my aunt and I meet up daily to hit the walking trail. Vicky and her staff were so helpful in getting me set up and right into the apartment in just a matter of hours from first visiting. This is a great place for a short stay or forever. This will be a difficult place to leave once my assignment is over!


Really nice neighborhood! I have made St. Andrews my home since 2004. The trees, ducks and deer are a big reason I love it here. I really love the peacefulness of being surrounded by nature. Everything I need is right here is Urbandale.


It is more of a community rather than just an apartment complex! We helped to move our mom back to Iowa from Tennessee in 2021. When my wife and I first visited St. Andrews, we immediately knew this was the perfect new home for Mom. The entire staff from the beginning to the day Mom moved in was awesome! The apartment was spotless. The grounds are beautiful with abundant wildlife to enjoy right outside her window. Several of her new neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves on move in day making her new apartment seem like home. I am so glad we found St. Andrews!


I enjoy living at St. Andrews! I moved here in January 2020. St. Andrews is close to the urban loop and other amenities. Not to mention the walking/biking trail is literally right here. Due to most of the buildings being away from the road and the abundance of trees and wildlife it is like I’m living in the middle of the woods. I have the best of both worlds! I also feel safe living here and have gotten to know the people in my building.


It was a good decision to move here! My wife and I moved back to Iowa in October 2021. Our son scouted out the apartment for us as we moved from Arizona sight unseen. What a great decision this has been. We chose a completely updated apartment complete with a walk-in shower. Our apartment is just beautiful! The location of the apartment in the complex is just perfect also. Very private and quiet. The grounds are beautiful with a lot of trees and daily visits from deer. Neighbors are friendly and always have time for conversation.


Our maintenance guys are awesome! I have lived at St. Andrews with my two kids since June 2013. I have made some great friends here and love my neighbors. I really appreciate how the maintenance crew takes good care of the place and have helped me out on many occasions, like moving my old sofa when I got a new one last spring.


I’m very happy with my choice to live here. In choosing an apartment I was looking for clean, safe and a good location. I got all of that and more at St. Andrews when I moved here in 2021. Everything in the apartment was clean with new flooring, fresh paint, and new appliances. I feel safe living here. Having a park like setting and walking/biking trail so close are things you don’t get at very many apartment complexes.


I feel safe and secure! I have lived at St. Andrews since 2013. Work is less than a mile from here. My apartment is spacious and in a great location. Very private and quiet. I’m very happy living here.


I would highly recommend St. Andrews to anyone moving into town or from any local area. I moved to St. Andrews in December 2017 and my experience has been very good. My son and his family live in the area and when I need to move to Iowa, he found this apartment and he couldn’t have chosen better. First, the grounds are well taken care of and kept extremely clean. The maintenance crew is highly professional and always prompt. Management does a great job communicating with tenants regarding any maintenance or repair projects. They also surprise us with gifts for special occasions. I really like my blanket from last Christmas.


Everything is so convenient here at St. Andrews. I have lived here since June 2019. I have a first floor one bedroom and just love it. The apartment is so roomy. Huge kitchen with a lot of counter space. I love the close parking. Mailboxes are right inside our building door and packages are delivered to our apartment door. The security doors and intercom system make letting guest in extremely safe and convenient. My family lives close by and often take the Urbandale walking trail to visit me. I am very happy here.


I see St. Andrews continuing to be my home for a long time! I moved to St. Andrews in January 2017. I researched other options and chose St. Andrews and I’m I glad I did. The grounds are beautifully kept, maintenance is top-notch, and it is a peaceful community. It is close to shopping, grocery stores and restaurants. Easy access to interstate 80 and 235 which makes getting anywhere a breeze. Being close to the public library and the bike trail are my personal favorites.


I trust this community! I moved here from North Carolina sight unseen to take a job right out of college in June 2021. I’ve been very happy with my decision. The staff is so kind, helpful and accommodating. The apartment is great and has a lot of room for me to work with. Parking is plentiful. The wildlife and nature of this place provides a great escape from the city. I really enjoy the people here and appreciate their friendliness especially since I was new to Iowa.


I enjoy living here now even more than when I moved here in January of 2016! Sitting on my patio or just looking out my sliding patio door I love all the wildlife. Especially in the spring with the baby wood ducks, geese and fawns with their spots. I’ve even spotted a red fox. I find all the birds so interesting and the large variety of hummingbirds. I have made a lot of wonderful friends since moving here and my kids like how safe it is for me here. I’m very comfortable and would highly recommend St. Andrews to anyone!


St. Andrews has been a better experience than I could have imagined for my first apartment. My sister and I moved here June 2021 and Vicky made the move so stress free. She worked with our hectic schedules which we so appreciated. The property is just beautiful and we like waking up to birds chirping and deer eating berries. This is something you don’t see at other apartments! The people who work here take such pride in the cleanliness and upkeep of the property. The neighbors and other tenants we have meet are great people. St. Andrews is in the middle of Des Moines, yet you don’t get the big town vibes. We love our apartment.


Experience Amazing at
St. Andrews!